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Take Bookmarks and Favorites with You

This tip allows you to move your Favorites list to a HTML page. There is not an option to copy the list, so this method creates a printable HTML document or just a document to go to and find all your Favorites with LINKS to them! Keep it in your email to use when you are on another computer that your favorites are not on. Try it!

*To create this HTML list, first open Internet Explorer. Click on FILE in the upper LEFT corner of your page. Choose and click: IMPORT AND EXPORT from the list. To run the Import/Export wizard click NEXT at the bottom of the window.

*Here you can select what to import and export, Select EXPORT FAVORITES option then click NEXT at the bottom of the window. Next you will get option as to which folder you want to export. You can select the top folder FAVORITES or just a specific folder. Click NEXT at the bottom of the window.

*Select "EXPORT TO FILE OR ADDRESS" option and give it a name and location. I personally prefer putting these documents on my DESKTOP, so you can click BROWSE button and find your DESKTOP or any folder you want to save this FAVORITE list in. Call the list a name in the FILE NAME white field below and click SAVE. Click NEXT and FINISH. Now you have one html file and you can take it anywhere with you.

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