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How to Translate Text to Other Languages on Facebook Comments or Microsoft Word 2007?


The world has become a global village where you need to communicate with people of diverse cultures and languages. We come across people who speak different languages on the internet, or we need to communicate with different people in the global business market. Sometimes we need to translate business documents as everybody doesnít speak the same language. Students might need to translate some facts as well as information e.g. the history of a specific country into their own language in order to learn about its history.

Everyone canít have an access to a professional translator who could help them out in this matter. Due to this reason, word-processing programs are available who try to fulfill this requirement. Other than the different programs which fill this requirement, it is possible to translate text in Microsoft Word 2007. The feature to translate text in Microsoft Word 2007 can be used like any other translation program. In order to translate text in Microsoft Word 2007, we just have to use its built-in function.


FACEBOOK Translation

In Facebook Comments, Select the text you want to translate. RIGHT click on the text and choose "Translate with Live Search" and choose which languages you want to translate FROM and TO.

Follow the given steps to translate word text into other languages:

WORD Document Translation

In a WORD Document, Select the text you want to translate. You can type it there and then or you could paste it from somewhere. If you need to select the entire document, and if it is very lengthy, you can go back to the "edit" tab and click "select all." Or you can just highlight the entire or part of the text by clicking the left mouse button and dragging it across the text you want to highlight.

Click on Review button on Menu bar.

Click on Translate in the Review tab.

A task pane will appear on the right side of the document. Select which language you would like to translate into or the existing language it is in. Here is where you can select which language to translate to or from.

The selected or highlighted text will be translated in the lower part of the task pane.  You can get the translation of the same text into different languages instantly as you choose the language under the option of "To".

If you need to translate the selected text into a language that is not included in the given list, click on Translation options and select the particular language you want.

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