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*Make sure you know the rules for sellers before listing on eBay. If you're not sure that your item is allowed, check eBay's policies on prohibited, questionable, and infringing items.

*Take one or more pictures of your item in a well-lit area. Effective pictures that are sharp and bright will help sell your item. Evenly distributed artificial or natural light is better than a camera's flash for most items. A tripod steadies your camera and ensures your picture will be in focus.

*Choose the most specific category available to help buyers find your item. For an additional fee, you can list your item in a second category to maximize your item's visibility.

*Help buyers find your listing with a title that is clear, complete, and descriptive. Say exactly what the item is even if the title repeats the category name and include details such as brand, product name, size, or artist. Imagine you are the buyer when you create the title and description for your listing. What would you want to know about the item? What are its most appealing characteristics? What words might you use to search for your item?

*Plan your pricing strategy. Search completed eBay listings. You can also visit online stores that sell similar items to help you set your starting price or fixed price, and decide whether you’d like to set a reserve price.

*Consider using calculated shipping and decide which shipping service you'll use. Pack your item for shipping so that you can weigh it and measure the length, width, and height so you have this information when you list it. When you use calculated shipping, you won't need to guess the amount it will cost to ship the item.

*If you want to open your own eBay Store, see "Selling with an eBay Store" information on

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