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Microsoft Outlook: Organizing the Inbox- CATEGORIES

Categories help to organize active messages in your Inbox. To group related messages with categories:

1. Edit > Categories > Master Category List.

Outlook 2007 uses Edit>Categorize>All Categories

2. Add new categories (Click on NEW button) to describe groupings for your business or personal email, and pick a Category color.

3. OK twice to save and exit out of Categories.

Categories can be applied to email, calendar entries, tasks, and other Outlook items. Your list of categories won't be in effect until you apply a category to a message or filter incoming messages to a specific category. Then, to organize your email by category, create a view that groups by category (described below).

Apply Categories to Current Messages

Categories can also be assigned to existing messages:

1. Just right-click on any message, left-click on Categories

Outlook 2007 uses Categorize

2. Assign a category by checking one or more of the choices in your list.

3. OK to apply.

Groups of messages can be more quickly categorized by sorting and selecting first, and then by following the steps above.

Displaying Messages by Category

To more easily organize messages, customize the View of your Inbox. For instance, you can add or re-order displayed fields such as sender, date, subject, size, and more.

To view messages grouped by category (Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 and 2007):

1. View > Arrange by > Categories

To view messages grouped by category (Microsoft Outlook 2000 and 2002):

1. View > Current View... > Group By...

2. Customize Current View...

3. Choose Group items by and pick Categories from the list.

4. OK twice to apply.

Now your Inbox is organized by useful categories which make it easier to focus on your most important messages.

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